Heart Based Leadership

Creating authentic corporate leaders for the future

From overwhelm and burnout
 to authentic authority

You've worked hard to get to this position, I know. 

And you are really good at what you do
 with skills and talents that allow you to make a powerful contribution to the world of work.

But, the higher you climb, the tougher the corporate world beomes to navigate.  Deadlines, stress, pressure. Heavy workloads, career uncertainty and frustrating work schedules. Far too many meetings and far too little time to get the work done.

And while on the outside, you're doing an incredible job of leading your teams in the performance, productivity, profit hustle, on the inside you know that the pressure is killing them.  And that this dance - where you have to conform to corporate culture and expectations - is increasingly at odds with who you truly are. 

You find yourself tired and exhausted, far too often. You secretly feel overwhelmed, heading for burnout. And you are beginning to ask yourself:  Surely there is a better way to achieve career success and life satisfaction than this?

What We Do

To become heart-based leaders, we need to step into our own heart space first. How can we connect with others, if we haven't been able to truly connect with ourselves?

Through a unique combination of coaching, consultation, training, self-discovery, and group dynamics, we focus on developing the attitudes and actions to help you navigate from The Head Space into the purpose driven Path of the Heart.  

This shift allows us to transform histories of dysfunctional patterns that keep us trapped in restlessness,  uncertainty, and confusion where we find ourselves overcommitting our energy and resources on every level while experiencing inconsistent results.  

Who We Serve

We are committed to ushering in a new era of socially conscious, heartfelt, and soulful women professionals – executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Human Resource Managers

For Human Resource Departments who are recrafting the corporate culture around aligned goals, authentic values and shared responsibilities.

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 Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

For Business Owners and Purpose Driven Entreprenuers who are ready to make an authentic impact on the world

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Executives and Professionals

For Executives and Professionals who are motivated by integrity and authenticity, and are inspired to incorporate these values that into a meaningful and powerful career. 

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I am on a mission to transform the workplace by helping purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs connect to their inner wisdom and strengt​hs, and transition from surviving to thriving​​.

What people are saying

"​When I first met Lily Gibarac, I immediately knew she was mission-driven to help people live their best lives. She has a thoughtful approach when communicating and cultivating genuine connections is a priority for her. I have no doubt her clients will always know and feel how much she cares. 

 Lily also has an extensive educational and training background and conducts herself with the utmost professionalism. I am honored to know her."

"​​If you're ready to be honest with yourself and really do the work Lily is your person!

It's rare to meet someone with whom you form an instant connection and who 'gets you.' Her sincerity, compassion and gentle truth are the tools that can help anyone transform their lives in unimaginable ways."

Eleni Anastos
Dr Leticia DeSuze
Business Strategist, Speaker 
and Prosperity Coach
Mindset Coach
 and Business Strategist